Park Rules
Enter at your own Risk
Wristbands must be put on at the gate (on your Wrist) and be worn at all times while at park
Lost bands must be replaced/purchased at gate
No Drugs 
No alcohol allowed during the competition hours
Pit riding
Walk bikes while crossing Rte 10
Offenders - Will WALK the bike for weekend or be DQ’d (based on severity)
No Driving around on Bikes (drive to and from pit and track only)
Must stay on Access roads only (no riding through pits or on grass)
You must be a registered rider, going to and from the track to race/practice only
No pit bikes /vehicles for non racers- No ATV's  or mini bikes etc

Golf Carts $15 Fee
You can bring golf carts
You must register golf carts under the tent and receive a license plate #  
must have a valid driver's license to be in the drivers seat.
Failure to use responsibly will result in revocation of registration and privileges 
any damage caused by you or your vehicle is your FULL responsibility
Racer responsible for Golf Cart conduct

Medical use ATV's No Fee

Medical/Disability ATV use, must have a Doctors note or Handicap permit
You must register medical ATV's under the tent and receive a license plate #  to keep you accountable
Medical use ATV's must ONLY be used by that authorized person
Failure to use responsibly will result in revocation of registration and privileges 

We are along the river so PLEASE - No leaving Tires or Oil
A $100 fine WILL be imposed - A $50 "finders fee" given to anyone who leads us to offenders

No roping off areas
No digging holes in property
No dumping of RV Fluid (any offense is a lifetime ban!)
No destruction of Property (any offense is a lifetime ban!)
No FIRES (parking too tight)
No Fireworks
Sealed 5 gallon (or under) Gas containers only- Nothing larger allowed by permit

Bicycles and Pets
Bicycles can be used to get around the park, please do not ride or park in spectating area
Pets are welcome and are the responsibility of the owner and must remain on leash while in park. 
Loud and aggressive pets will be asked to leave.  Owners must clean up after their pets

Generator 11pm shut off
Be Courteous to the townsfolk who host this track

Track Rules
Enter and Ride at your own Risk
Yellow Flag Rule
Under a yellow caution flag you must remain behind the bike that entered the area prior to you 
There is no jumping or passing under yellow 
Passing under the yellow = Loss of 3 Positions
Jumping under the yellow Minimum loss of 6 positions up to Disqualification - determined by severity
Any rider caught intentionally cutting the track will be downed a lap
If a rider veers off course and re-enters to gain a position, that rider
must correct their placement or will be penalized by the referee to correct the
unfair gain
Black Flag Rule – Disqualification – Exit the track – report to referee/office
Red Flag Rule – Race stopped – report to gate to Re-start
Finish Flag – Checkered black and white – Race is over, 1st gear after thrown.
Always race to the checkered flag, once thrown to the winner, he or she and all those to follow are to exit the track,
the race is completed when the last racer crosses the finish line
 Lap Board – The 1 or 2 Lap board is a courtesy to the racer and indicates the planned amount of laps to go till the checkered flag –  It should be used as a guideline – always race to the checkered flag
Start – Upon starter check each rider will have the opportunity to acknowledge readiness starter will point to you, nod if ready
If a rider is not able to start he/she or their mechanic may raise their hand signaling the need for 2 minutes, the starter will continue to check all of the riders then the 2 minute board will be raised and the gate will drop in 2 minutes.  If the rider is ready prior to the 2 minutes, the rider can signal for the 30 second board.   30 Second Board – starting gate to drop approximately 5-30 sec – When turned, starting gate dropped anytime
No Smoking or fueling in the staging or starting area

Mechanic Pass
ONE per Racer - Included with Entry
No one allowed in front of gate (rider or mechanic)
You must be a rider, staff member or Mechanic to enter the starting area
Mechanics must have mechanics pass and enter at their own risk.
Mechanic must be 18 years old.
Mechanics must leave the starting grid immediately after your rider has nodded readiness to the starter upon starter check.
Mechanics must remain in designated areas.
Failure to follow mechanic rules will result in disqualification of your rider and/or loss of mechanic privileges

No Poor Sportsmanship – this includes rider’s, their family, friends and spectators –
Threats, aggression, Swearing, fighting and/or intentional dirty riding may result in disqualification, suspension or revocation of membership

Failure to follow flag or track rules will result in a loss of a position, lap or disqualification for the moto or day, this depends on the severity of the incident and is left to The Head referee’s discretion

Penalties in practice may result in loss of laps during moto/heat

Outside Assistance – No one but Authorized WSP Staff and racers are allowed on the track during a race/event
Unauthorized Outside assistance will cause the rider or your rider to be disqualified

 Unauthorized Entry –Unsafe Panicked reactions
 No one but Authorized WSP Staff and racers are allowed on the track during a race/event
Any Unauthorized person crossing the fence into the track to attend a downed rider will cause their rider
(or the rider they entered track for) to be disqualified for the Moto or day.
The person may also be asked to exit the park.
 If a rider is injured and you need/wish to enter the track to attend that rider,
you must have either permission from or be escorted by a WSP Staff member.
Only trained staff and medical personnel are allowed to attend downed riders.
We will make every effort to connect any injured riders with friends/family when it is safe and time to do so

Parents/People who yell, swear, hit, abuse or shame their kids will be asked to leave the Park
Any rider caught intentionally cutting the track will be downed a lap

 If a rider veers off course and re-enters to gain a position, that rider must correct their
placement or will be penalized by the referee to correct the unfair gain.

Any protests must be given to authorized WSP Staff Members at sign up/office.
All Protests must be signed, detailed in your own words in writing and accompanied by
$100 cash which will only be refunded if proven correct.
All protests are and can be made public. Infraction protests must be within one half hour of the incident/race.
Protests on racers riding in improper classes/levels must be accompanied and submitted by proof in writing

The referee and or track owners reserve the right to make additional safety and conduct judgment and rulings.
Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of those officials.
Their decision is final
Failure to follow rules = disqualification

Rider and Bike

All riders must ride in proper class A – B – C and ride in the highest classification/level you
have held or hold in any organization or events past or present
No matter the name.... 
If you race in a first level elsewhere - you race in the first level at the NERC = C
If you race in a second level elsewhere - you race in the second level at the NERC = B
If you race in the highest level elsewhere - you race in the highest level at the NERC = A
f you knowingly compete in a lower classification/level than you belong in,
a disqualification will occur and any points or awards received while in the wrong classification/level will be stripped.

Must ride proper bike size in designated class
(no 65's in 85, no 85's in 125, no 125's in 250 class, 250f's must ride in a 125 category)

65 or 85 Classes - If you made it to the Loretta Lynn National, you are considered and A level
(usual drop downs allowed if moving from 65 to 85 or 85 to Big Bike)

C riders that win a Loretta Lynn National Championship in a C Class cannot race as a C level again

Girls who qualify for Loretta Lynn’s (65 -112) are considered B riders
(usual drop downs allowed if moving from 65 to 85 or 85 to Big Bike)

Women who qualify for Loretta Lynn’s or race WMX are considered B riders

50 4-9 Classes 0-51cc 2 – 4 Stroke - Both 50cc Classes are Open but must remain Stock bore
65cc 7-12 Classes – 59 - 65cc 2 Stroke - 65cc to 90cc 4 Stroke
85cc 9-15 Classes – 79 - 85cc 2 Stroke - 85cc to150cc 4 Stroke - No Big Wheels allowed in 85 classes
Supermini & Jr Mini 9-16 Classes – 79-112cc 2 Stroke/75-150cc 4 Stroke Max wheels: Front 19" Rear 16"
Minimum Wheel 17 Front - 14 Rear  Max 19-16
Schoolboy 1 12-16  - 86-125 2-Stroke/75/150cc 4-Stroke min wheeels: Front 19", Rear 16
Schoolboy 2 – 13-18 13-18 100-150 2 stroke, 126-250 4 Stroke min wheeels: Front 19", Rear 16
Women 85+ 
250 – 125cc to 250cc 2 Stroke - 250cc 4 Stroke
450 - 125cc+  Open  cc

All bikes are considered Modified but must remain Stock bore

We will have a mechanic for engine inspections if needed under protest or referee suspicion

 Race Gear needed
 Motocross Boots
 Race Pants with knee pads
 Long sleeve shirt
 Jerseys must have wrist length sleeves and may not be rolled up
Chest protector required for 50/60/80/Youth classes

 Improper Gear/ numbers
If you come to the line without proper gear or race numbers
you can be disqualified and/or will be asked to exit until requirements are met
Riders with mismatched numbers on gear or bike will not be scored

Recommended (not required) equipment  
Leatt Brace (neck brace)
elbow pads, knee braces
DOT and Snell approved helmets
as well as other approved and tested safety equipment used to help protect and safeguard yourself


You must mount your transponder in order to get onto the gate – Transponder must be mounted for practice and all motos – failure to do so will result in improper scoring. 
If you own your transponder, it is your responsibility to have it charged and ready, failure to charge your transponder after 1 warning, may result in not being scored properly or at all.
Cheating (allowing another rider to race as you) will result in disqualification and/or suspension.

No broken levers - No kickstands
No lights (must be taped)
Complete exhaust
Nothing that would endanger you or another rider.
Bike Number Plates - Bike must have proper number plates
50cc 4-6 Black background w/ white #'s
50cc 7-8 White background w/ black #'s
NOV - Black background w/ white #'s
AM - Yellow background w/ black #'s
Ex - White background w/ black #'s
*AMA National 125 Experts may use Black backgrounds w/ White Numbers

Bike Changes
Will be allowed if mechanical failure. You must go to office to make any changes before going to the gate for your moto


Health insurance required  - Minor - guardian Required

Rider must have health Ins and/or be covered under Parent or guardian's health insurance plan if under 18 to race or practice,
Winchester Speedpark does not provide Health Insurance.
ALL MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN TO RACE OR PRACTICE (ABSOLUTELY NO DROP OFFS!) If a parent or guardian cannot be present they must appoint a guardian for their minor in order for them to participate.  To do this, we require a notarized letter (for one or all of the events) naming a familiar responsible adult to care for their child while at Winchester Speedpark which will allow them to make all necessary medical decisions for the parents and the minor if needed.
Whatever age you are Jan 1st makes you eligible to ride within that age group all race year.
If you are eligible to race in a higher age group throughout the year, you may, but once you move up,
you cannot return to the previous age group.
Vets - Whatever age you are or will be during 2013 allows you to compete in that age group

We reserve the right to correct any errors on this page.


50 4-6
50 7-9
50 Open 4-9
65 7-9
65 10-11
65 Open 7-12
85 9-11
85 12-15
JrMini 9-11
Supermini 12-16
Women 85+
Schoolboy 1 12-16
Schoolboy 2 13-18
2 Stroke Open 125cc+
250 C
250 B
250 A
450 C
450 B
450 A
Open C
Open B
Open A
30 C
30 B
30 A
40 C
40 B
40 A