Buckley Gallery here

Santo Gallery here

Perfect weather ALL weekend!!  Thanks big guy!
Buckley photo
Buckley photo
Buckley photo

Buckley photo
Buckley photo
Buckley photo

Monster samples...yum Thanks!

Hey, look what I made for NERC 09'

Mucho Gracias Dunlop!

Kevin was jamming - great tire deals!!

The only "Official" T-shirt vendor at the NERC - Bumwraps!

Bill can do just about anything to a bike!

New England Loves AMSOIL!!

The awning.....Say's it all

How about those Loctite folks? 
Gift bag goodies and cars for ALL the 50 racers!
Buckley photo

Doug was so busy, he is requesting 2 technicians for NERC 10'

Wow...Print your photos...right on the spot!
See them all at www.buckleyphotos.com

Kid's Kamp!

Buckley photo

1, 2, 3, Come see me....
Angela and Kevin rocked post moto interviews!

Our NERC American Idol!

Thanks Buckley family and Dunlop!

Buckley photo

Buckley photo
Buckley photo

Ahhh - a beautiful sight to see them parked and quiet

See You Next time!

The Good....

Hi - I just wanted to give you a compliment regarding last weekend's Regional event at Winchester. 
My son, Brandon Davis (138) has rode in this event for the past two years and I am very impressed
with how efficient this event is run.  It is an absolutely great time and everything goes smooth. 
I was impressed with how Suzanne handled an issue I had with a flagger that I felt was not doing
her job correctly and I was concerned - Suzanne moved her immediately and I was very grateful for that. 
It shows that your riders are very important to you, which make it easier for the parents. 
Although I don't think I will ever get used to watching my 14 year old on a 250 go for the holeshot! 
Anyway, just wanted to say "GREAT JOB" on running the event! 
 Kim Davis

Dave and Suzanne,  Just wanted to thank you both for giving us such a great facility and event.
Your staff is always warm, friendly and eager to help. Vincent would also like you to thank the officials for
helping him on the track. When he finishes his race he always says Barry and his friends helped him.
 Thanks  Bob A (Vinnie's dad)

Dave and Suzanne, We had an absolute blast over the NERC weekend and want to say thanks for all the things you do that make the event flow smooth, the thankless jobs are very much appreciated by all but tend to go un-noticed. We were beginning to wonder if Dave even slept at night! The staff was fantastic and we tend to forget that their duties don't end at the window when we sign up. I noticed them setting up the next table, scooping ice cream, running with a clipboard, and even scoring from the tower. I saw them setting up the awards, and watching their own children race. The days are long and somehow this staff manages to answer a question or help out with a smile as if they just got there, fresh. The set up was top shelf from the web site updates to the markings on the ground for parking. I am sure that there is are things like sponsor set up, ambulance and police detail that most don't even think about.

 We will be at the NERC event next year hoping for a podium. Regards, Chris

Chris - I agree we have AWESOME staff!  Dave and I want to thank the 77 staff members who
worked their butts off this weekend and did their very best - sounds like the racers really appreciated you guys!!

The Bad....

Can you shuffle the qualifiers or do an LCQ on Sunday am, then run the full class
twice?  Yes, we are going to change the qualifying classes format a bit next year.

Can a person come back and win the same C class again? This will be addressed for 2010

The Ugly....

Can you really DQ or penalize me for not following the rules? Um Yea...This will not change

See you for NERC 2010!!
US Flag over the NERC
Stacy Photo


Kevin Windham #14 - NERC 2009

Great NERC practice!


Spiffing up the Playground for NERC 2009!

Our NERC baby turns 2
Many of you may remember that right in the middle of  NERC 2007
our Granddaugher Kali was born, we just celebrated her 2nd Birthday!

Getting gift bags ready to go!